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What are the different types of scaffolding used in construction?

putlog scaffolding

Putlog Scaffolding

Commonly used for brick masonry work, this type of scaffolding is also called bricklayers scaffold. It is usually made up of standards (the vertical poles that carry most of the weight). These are fixed to the ground by Ledgers (horizontal braces) and are then used to join the standards. The putlogs are put between the wall and the standard to give extra support.

independent scaffolding

Independent Scaffolding

Independent scaffolding is constructed for stone masonry work. The name also knows it of “mason’s scaffolding”.  

It is also known as “double scaffolding”. It is because it stems from the fact that this scaffolding structure stands independently from the wall and is a self-supporting framework. 

suspended scaffolding

Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding, is the type of scaffolding that is suspended from rooftops. This scaffolding is commonly used by decorators, painters or specific types of repair work. 

The platform is suspended down the side of the building with the use of ropes and chains. Suspended scaffolding has a unique ability enabling it to move up and down to the desired level. 

cantilever scaffolding

Cantilever Scaffolding

Also known as needle scaffolding, It is needed when you cannot erect a scaffolding structure on the ground below, usually due to traffic. 

Instead of using standards, the scaffolding standards are supported by needles (usually made from durable timber) and are put into the walls of the building. Vertical struts are set between the needles to stop them coming away from the walls of the structure.   

Trestle scaffolding

Trestle Scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding is for projects that are for indoors. This scaffolding is ideal for giving access for minor ceiling repairs and repainting. There is a board suspended between two tripods. This scaffolding sometimes has wheels making it mobile.

design scaffolding

Design Scaffolding

This scaffolding is of flat-pack style and constructions that are available to purchase in the industry. They are ready-made designs and are easily assembled using semi-skilled labour. However, some of these models are not as easily adjusted for different uses.  

system scaffolding

System Scaffolding

System scaffolding is very similar to independent scaffolding. It uses a proprietary fixing system. System scaffolding is quite quick to erect and dismantle. It lessens the need for using numerous connections to fit them together. These interlocking components will create standardised bays.

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