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Domestic Scaffolding
Poole and Dorset

Do you require domestic scaffolding in Poole and Dorset? We offer scaffolding for extension builds, chimney repairs and roofing work.

Extensions and Chimney Repairs

New Build Scaffolding from S&D Scaffolding Limited is a quality cost-effective solution to the problems faced by construction workers of safe working at height. 

Domestic build scaffolding is ideal for use whether you're building an extension to your existing home, a single self-build house. New build scaffolding is also suitable for small or large new housing developments. 

Domestic Scaffolding Poole and Dorset - scaffold on a new build
access tower scaffolding

Access Towers

Scaffold towers, are sometimes called access towers or a tower scaffold, they are advantageous alternatives to ladders when there is much height work to be completed. The work platforms are a much safer environment to work from compared to having to balance on a  ladder.

domestic scaffolding

Building Scaffolding

Temporary platforms are used to elevate and support materials and construction workers during the cleaning or repair of a machine or building. The scaffolding consists of one or more planks of correct length and size. It has several methods of support, depending on the type and usage. 

chimney support scaffolding

Chimney Support

Chimney stack scaffolding should be erected before adding a new flue to an existing chimney stack, replacing or repairing the existing flue, replacing or repairing chimney flashings, demolishing an unsafe chimney stack or repointing the original chimney. 

The scaffolding can be extended both down the roof to the gutter, or upwards off the platform to access considerably taller chimneys.

Flooring Structure support scaffolding

Flooring Structure Support

This is the most commonly used form of scaffolding and is widely used in construction work and many other projects where elevation is required for the project. Extra support is needed if the scaffolding will be extended or needed to take a lot of excess weight. Supported scaffolding is built from the base upwards, and is used wherever possible. It is one of the safest, cost-effective and most convenient types of scaffolding to construct. 

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